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i just figured out the perfect murder

kill someone and bury them in their own garden

that way if the police find them they’ll think it was a suicide

#welp looks like the victim committed suicide and promptly buried themselves in their garden #how considerate of them


Today’s Gender of the day is: Dancing Cactus

Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams at the Entertainment Weekly Comic Con Party Photobooth.

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"I find that if feels better always being on the chase, as opposed to feeling like you’ve never arrived somewhere. Because arriving somewhere also means kind of an end…If anything you’ve arrived at one point and then it just sort of begins again."

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what a surprise derek is creeping around the school AGAIN

i bet the teachers don’t even care anymore

"didn’t this guy graduate like 10 years ago?"

"yeah but his entire family died in a fire so we just kind of let him stay"


Mark Ruffalo confesses his love for Robert Downey Jr. on twitter



Well this took absolutely forever. But, after many hours of drawing and extensive research, i bring you an official* list of every color Michael has ever dyed his hair!  

if you re-post this I will  literally cry because this took forever

this is so cute omg


Kapt. Hikkaa jälleen osa 2/??